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Estates in Virginia:
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Finding Estate Homes for Sale in Virginia

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"Virginia is Steeped in Tradition"

Are you conducting and international real estate search? Are you looking for a distinguished estate home for sale in Virginia?

Elaine VonCannon is a licensed real estate broker who specializes in estate homes for sale across Virginia. She provides her luxury real estate clients with confidentiality and, when requested, anonymity during a real estate search or transaction.

If you are a buyer, you can be confident in Elaine's experience with the luxury real estate market. She holds a Coldwell Banker International Previews designation, recognizing her expertise in this specialized market. This highlights her superior training in the purchase of luxury real estate. She is well-equipped to handle a luxury property purchase and has assisted international real estate buyers in finding the premiere property of choice, as well as negotiating the best deal.

Selling a Luxury Estate Property

If you are a property owner preparing your home for the real estate market who is searching for a real estate broker who will represent your estate home for sale, look no further. Elaine's Coldwell Banker Previews status gives her access to niche publications geared towards the luxury buyer for maximum exposure to this specialized market. Your estate home or property will appear in print magazines and on websites geared towards the luxury buyer. Elaine has all of the tools to generate interest in your estate home for sale and complete a sale to a qualified buyer.

The History of Estate Homes in Virginia

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"This is not just an address."

From Colonial Virginia to the Early American era to the present day, Virginia has been synonymous with the old southern plantation, and a well-appointed estate property. With amenities like vineyards, deepwater boat docks, woods and fields, formal gardens, and abundant space, estate homes are a legacy of American history. Though many of Virginia's historical estates are owned and preserved by non-profit organizations and the federal government, there are still a surprising number that are privately held. If you aspire to own a historic estate, Elaine VonCannon can assist you in finding the right residence for your lifestyle.

Waterfront Estate Properties

Across Virginia there a over 1,000 historic estates. This web site features estates in Southeastern Virginia. Find estates properties in Richmond, Richmond County, Williamsburg, Gloucester, Isle of Wight, James City County, York County, New Kent County, Gwyn's Island, Mathews, Northumberland County, Lancaster County and more. Many waterfront properties are equipped with docks and/or boatlifts, and provide some of the grandest views of the Chesapeake Bay, rivers and estuaries.

Preservation of Historic Estates

Many luxury estate purchasers have found that an investment in a colonial estate, waterfront estate, historic property or historic estate is a solid one. Estate owners may preserve and enjoy the surroundings, architecture, and lifestyle of highly esteemed Early Americans. Some real estate buyers choose to renovate historic estate properties according to state and federal government guidelines, and receive seed money or low interest loans for their projects.

Elaine VonCannon - Associate Broker, Realtor - Coldwell Banker Traditions - Williamsburg, Virginia